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Condition IT Doesn’t Feel Weigh Your Hair Down !!

Carol from Michigan commented on Moisturize IT by Shiva Laboratory
I totally love this conditioner!! It smells great! I love the minty scent. It leaves your hair feeling clean, unlike other conditioners. When I use conditioner , my hair feels heavy and greasy. I didn’t have that problem with Moisturize IT.
My hair felt clean, light and it smelled terrific!!
I will buy this product again and again

Kyla from Houston Texas
Shiva Color Care Shampoo is awesome!! My hair has highlights and I needed a shampoo that would hold my color. This new sulfate free shampoo literally left my hair squeaky clean and smelling fresh without fading my color!! YEAH It also has sunscreens that protect my hair from the heat and pollution here in Houston, Texas.
If you are looking for a shampoo that stands up to heat and humidity and also protects your color from fading Shiva Color Care shampoo is what your looking for !