Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Moms – extend the life of your hair color

I’m so glad I received this product to try as a busy mom! I typically do not have the time to regularly drive over to my favorite Aveda salon to keep my hair color going. So I cheat and buy Garnier Nutrisse to hide my roots in between visits. It’s a huge cost savings – $7 vs $100. But since I’m not a haircare professional, the results aren’t the same as I’d get at a salon. (I think I’m hair color challenged sometimes!)

Then along comes Shiva Color Care Shampoo from Shiva Laboratory. They manufacture natural, organic earth friendly products and single layer recyclable packaging. They’re saving the earth one bottle at a time.

I’ve been a loyal Aveda product user for years and my hair seemed to be just fine until I tried Shiva. My hair actually felt cleaner (if that’s possible), much less oily, and the color lasted 1-2 weeks longer than before! I used to color my hair every 3-4 weeks maximum. Now I can go 5-6 weeks because of this shampoo. Which is amazing!

Here’s why this shampoo is so cool:
advanced sulfate-free, anti-fade technology extends the life of color and reduces brassiness, resulting in brighter blondes, richer browns and fade-resistant reds. SHIVA’s exclusive color-retention system prevents re-oxidation and prepares hair for future chemical services. Contains sunscreen, antioxidants, soy protein, aloe, chamomile, comfrey, kiwi and other botanicals. Daily use leaves hair vibrant, soft and full of volume. Contains no waxes, fillers or salts.
Convinced? Check them out at