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Shiva Swedish Massage Lotion Formulated for a Long Lasting Glide

Our Swedish Massage Lotion was formulated for long lasting glide, but with grip for a stimulating, deep tissue massage. It does not get tacky or leave and oily residue on the client’s skin. Perfect for use from head to toe.

Our Massage lotion has a smoother and silkier texture, unlike anything you have tried! With the healing and nourishing properties of both Lavender and Jojoba, this unique combination glides on easily and remains workable throughout the duration of your massage.

Clients love it because it absorbs cleanly into the skin leaving it supple and smooth. We have added vitamins A and E to repair nourish and moisturize the skin. Therapists love it because it washes out of linens!

Key Benefits:

  • Stain resistant
  • Washes off easily with soap and water
  • Will not go rancid
  • Fragrance and cruelty free

For more information on Shiva’s massage lotion please visit Shiva Laboratory.

Silkology SilkIt Conditioner Botanical-Enriched

Silkology SilkIt Conditioner is a proven, botanical-enriched formula that provides protection and creates radiant shine. Silkology SilkIt proteins penetrate the hair shaft and repair or mend its health and condition, leaving hair soft, silky and shiny. Gentle enough for daily use.
12oz $12.99

Silkology Silkit Shampoo

Silkology Silkit Shampoo
Formulated with hydrolyzed silk proteins and silk amino acids. Silkit Shampoo leaves hair silky smooth with radiant shine.

Enriched with pro-vitamin B5, Silkit Shampoo strengthens the cuticle, imparting dry, brittle and chemically treated hair with intense moisture and flexibility while also protecting against heat damage. Our specail blend of organically grown botanicals include calendula, ginger and aloe-vera.

Hair Recovery Starts with Natural Earth Friendly Products

Hair Recovery Starts with Natural Earth Friendly Products

Shiva Laboratory Introduces Therma-Shield Hair Serum.

Houston, TX – You’re sitting in your favorite salon thumbing through one of those hardbound hair styling books determined to pinpoint your must have new look. As you skip through the well worn pages wondering who in the world would have a hair style like that ?, where do these people come from ?, where do they work ?, or am I being Punk’d ?…you turn the next page and voila you stumble on the perfect hair style for you. The clouds part, the sun shines and the angels sing. Life is good and you begin the dreamlike state of envisioning the new fabulous you.

After several minutes of endorphin driven contemplation your mind races through thoughts like “that’s too short, too crazy, too hard to style, what will they say, will they love it, will I be the envy of all mankind” finally you take charge, get your clear new hair vision strapped on tightly and with tentative authority jam your thumb in the book marking the magic page where your life takes a new direction. As you sit impatiently clinging to the book, your stylist finally calls your name and you look around making sure no one can steal your style then you carefully open the book to cautiously reveal your plans while proudly proclaiming “this is what I want” and for a moment time stands still.

This point in the cosmos is of course a stylist’s nightmare. As they study your choice, looking at the book, looking at your head, looking at the book, looking at your head…they methodically compute head size, hair situation and probable outcome. After a brief silence, a poker read of your face and a small prayer, the typical response would be something like “sure…pause….that would be beautiful on you”.

And from this simple evolutionary process the world has ushered in hair styles that shake the foundation of the earth and change the face of fashion…..

Regardless of your hair hits and misses, the one “hair truth” above all others is that healthy hair always prevails. If you’ve been a victim of a styling crime no need to lose sleep over that mullet, gunshot wound, rockabilly bang or misshapen odd shade of green. Healthy hair will make it all better.

In fact, healthy hair grows faster, looks better, and styles like a champ. The best way to get your hair back in the game is to find a high quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Daily use of quality products will improve your hairs texture, shine and overall condition quickly.

The next step to full hair recovery is a great new product called Shiva Therma-Shield Hair Serum. Therma- Shield is used after shampooing and conditioning. Apply the serum to clean damp hair and distribute evenly. Therma-Shield protects your hair up to 600 degrees by creating a protective glossy layer that shields hair from styling stress, breakage, split ends and minimizes color fading with UV protection.

Shiva’s proprietary defense formula (HTSC) is the latest advancement in hair science.
Protecting your hair from the stresses of styling is important and Shiva’s Therma-Shield is an affordable insurance policy. Therma-Shields earth friendly smart packaging is purse size which makes it convenient and easy to use at home or on the road.

For more information Shiva Therma-Shield and other Shiva hair care products visit them online at 800.622.1330

DolceDolce’s Melodie Rodgers explores better care for ethnic hair. Here’s her report:

SHIVA Prescriptive Salicylic Acid Shampoo is recommended to control scalp itching and scaling associated with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

SHIVA Laboratories has been manufacturing high quality hair care products for over 20 years

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