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Diversion Hurts Your Salon Business and Stylist Livelihoods

Dear Stylists,
There is a battle that is happening in the salon industry that has been going on for quite some time. It’s called diversion, deception and mass product distribution.

Are the products that you use on your clients sold in salons ONLY? or are they sold in Ulta,Beauty Secret, Beauty Trade, Beauty First Walgreen’s, Wal-Mart and other similar outlets at steep discounts?

Did you know that using products that are mass marketed is hurtful to your salon business and your livelihood?

We must call a spade a spade when salon products show up in other outlets other than a professional beauty salons or spas it must be boycotted by the salon industry.

It is incumbent on us to inform and educate salon professionals that if you are serious about retailing, if you want to help your bottom line, you must stop selling mass marketing products.

You should sell salon professional products that are only available in salons and nowhere else.

Frank Tavakoli
Shiva 21-Century Laboratory
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Salon Exclusive? The Truth About Hair Salon Product Diversion

As you begin your career as a stylist, product sales will become a large part of your financial success.

As you select the products that you will use and promote to your clients, here are a few tips you can use to select wisely.

Are the product ingredients organic and natural?

Are the products cruelty free? (Not tested on animals)

Does the product manufacturer offer promotional incentives?

Are the products available in Ulta, Walgreen’s, Target and Wal-Mart?

Are you required to purchase the entire product line or can you pick and choose your favorites?

Do they formulate the products with water that has a 5 step purification process?

Will the products tailor fit your clients hair care needs?

Is the product manufacturer environmentally conscience and responsible?

Do they use one-layer packaging created from recycled plastic?

Does the product contain sunscreen?

Do the products contain hair damaging preservatives?

Do the products contain waxes and fillers?

Are the products sold exclusively in salons ONLY?

All of these questions are relevant to your success. Providing the highest quality hair care products for your clients’ improves results, adds credibility and increases sales. When you choose your salons hair care line, choose products that are exclusively available at professional salons. Why educate and introduce your valuable customers to great products only to have them bypass your salon and purchase them directly from other mainstream sources like Walmart, Ulta and Target.

Utilizing salon exclusive products keeps your customers coming back to your salon, builds stronger relationships and helps reduce salon attrition.

The most successful salon professionals integrate personal styling, product education and product sales.

Frank Tavakoli Shiva 21 Century Laboratory