Let’s face it ladies, we spend a ton of money on hair color. From the first time we wash our freshly colored hair, color starts to run down the drain… and with it our money
One way to avoid wasting good color is using a quality color care shampoo like Shiva Color Care Shampoo
SHIVA Color Care Shampoo is an advanced sulfate-free, anti-fade technology extends the life of color and reduces brassiness, resulting in brighter blondes, richer browns and fade-resistant reds. SHIVA’s exclusive color-retention system prevents re-oxidation and prepares hair for future chemical services. Contains sunscreen, antioxidants, soy protein, aloe, chamomile, comfrey, kiwi and other botanicals. Daily use leaves hair vibrant, soft and full of volume. Contains no waxes, fillers or salts.
32oz $23.00
After washing your hair you can follow it up with the Shiva Color Care Conditioner