The new Ultrasonic Hot Razor is the most significant advancement in razor cutting to date and is without a doubt a must have tool that will revolutionize razor cutting as we know it! The heated blade combined with ultrasonic vibration produce a clean and easy cut through wet or dry hair and a sealing of the cuticle that avoids split ends and frizziness.

Create amazing new looks with unbelievable texture. Effortless cutting gives you enhanced control and precision.

Your choice of 3 different cutting options:

  • Heated Vibrating Blade
  • Vibrate Only and Regular Cut.
  • The tool itself is lightweight and incredibly easy and fun
  • Comes with a DC adaptor
  • Ultra-thin cord.

Experience for yourself the revolutionary new tool that is shaking the foundations of the razor cutting world!

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About SHIVA: Nature’s Purest Ingredients- Shiva is dedicated to manufacturing environmentally conscious – premium quality hair care products that deliver superior performance.   Each and every bottle of Shiva hair care begins with our carefully selected organically grown botanical ingredients and is bottled in recyclable single layer packaging. Our commitment to Green earth friendly technologies, eco-friendly ingredients, love for animals (never animal tested) and passion for innovative hair care is what makes Shiva the leader in responsible hair care.

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