Great things take time. 25 years in the making, Shiva marks a definitive moment for hair care. With the advent of recent scientific micro technology breakthroughs and unique proprietary small batch blending processes, Shiva is able to transcend traditional concepts of hair management.

The natural science in each bottle has the power to literally transform hair by infusing our exclusive formulations on a molecular level. Shiva shampoo permeates every hair shaft and follicle, gently cleansing and soothing the hair and scalp. Shiva micro conditioner saturates each strand of hair smoothing, repairing and restoring hair from the inside out. These new revolutionary products evoke a biological metamorphosis in the condition, strength, texture and luster of all types of hair. Add Shiva rejuvenating therapeutic and finishing products to your hair care regimen and experience the ultimate in hair care luxury.

Say goodbye to traditional hair care and say hello to the science of Shiva-hair care transcended.