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Is Your Curly Hair out of Control with All This Heat? Shiva Flat Iron Gives Your Smooth Straight Hair


  • Titanium Plates create the smoothest surface with less friction & drag on hair strands while the hair is hot and fragile.
  • Floating Plates help to have uniform pressure and consistent result in straightening each hair section.
  • Maximum Temperature is 450°F or 230°C with LED digital adjustment. Temperature can be switched from °C to °F.
  • Maximum Temperature Variation from set temperature is under 2%.
  • Nano-Silver helps to kill virus, germ, while you are using on different clients, or while it is coming in contact with unsanitary surfaces.
  • Negative Ions break up water molecules to help penetrate deeper into hair follicles and help hair to be shinier and healthier instantly.
  • Ceramic Heater creates negative ions, and heats up very fast, and holds constant temperature much better than other materials.
  • Instant Heat Recovery, SHIVA Flat Iron is engineered such that from near the scalp all the way to the end of long & dense tresses, there is no drop in temperature.
  • Automatic Cut off Switch (Advanced Feature) by microprocessors to prevent overheating.
  • Non-use Rest State, when the flat irons are not used automatically shuts off; shut off time can be adjusted from 20 to 120 minutes.
  • Safety Plug very important feature for consumers and professional, any short in Shiva Flat Iron caused by water, or any conductive liquid will automatically trip the safety plug circuit breaker.
  • Ergonomically Designed to ease stress and strain on hand, wrist, fingers and tendons.
  • Suitable for any Hair from coarsest to finest, from chemically processed to virgin, from short to long hair. All you need is one flat iron.

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Shiva Flat Iron in the Fall 2010 Hair Cut and Style Hairstyle Showcase

Need some help recreating a fab style? Try one of these tress tools!

The First Hair Dryer was the Vacuum Cleaner!

Fascinating facts about the invention of the Hair Dryer in 1920. HAIR DRYER The first hair dryer was the vacuum cleaner!

Around the turn of the century, women dried their hair by connecting a hose to the exhaust of their vacuum cleaners. In early models, the front of a vacuum cleaner sucked air in, the back blew air out, and the hose could be attached to either end. In 1920, the first true hair dryer came on the market, but it was extremely large and heavy, and frequently overheated.

Since then, thousands of patents have been issued for different hair dryer designs, but most of them only tweak the outside packaging of the hairdryer so that it looks more aesthetically appealing to you. Aside from the addition of some safety features, the inside of a hair dryer hasn’t changed too much over the years. Not until 1951 was the first really workable dryer made. The device consisted of a hand-held dryer connected to a pink plastic bonnet fitted over the woman’s head.

    The First Hand-Held Hair Dryer

  1. The first hand-held hair dryer was put on the market in 1920. Unlike modern hair dryers, the first hand-held hair dryer was big, bulky and frequently overheated. Capable of producing only 100 watts of heat, the first hand-held hair dryer was not able to dry hair very quickly.
  2. Bonnet Hair Dryers

  3. In 1951, a new type of hair dryer was released. This new type of hair dryer consisted of a more lightweight hand-held hair dryer connected by a tube to a bonnet which was worn on the head. When the hair dryer was switched on, air would flow through the tube and come out through holes in the bonnet. The bonnet hair dryer was capable of producing around 300 watts of heat, more than the first hand-held hair dryer, but far less than our modern hair dryers.
  4. Hair Dryers of the 1960s

  5. By the 1960s, hair dryer technology had improved dramatically. Hair dryers of the 1960s were made from more lightweight materials than their earlier counterparts and were capable of producing up to 500 watts of heat. The improvements made in hair dryer technology were due to advancements made in the electric motors used in hair dryers.
  6. Safety Regulations for Hair Dryers

  7. Early hair dryers were prone to creating dangerous electrical shocks when accidentally dropped into water during use. In the 1970s, the Consumer Products Safety Commission developed guidelines for hair dryer manufacturers to follow to increase the safety of their products. The safety features found on modern hair dryers, such as temperature cutoff switches and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, were developed, in part, due to recommendations by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  8. Modern Hair Dryers

  9. Hair dryers have come a long way since the invention of the first hand held hair dryer in the 1920s. Many of today’s models of hair dryers are designed to weigh less than one pound, as well as look sleek and stylish. They are also capable of producing much more power than earlier models of hair dryers. With modern hair dryers producing up to 2,000 watts of power, users can dry their hair faster than ever before.

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Shiva Hair Care Featured in Star Magazine

Star BEAUTY Fab Flat irons Here are some tools for landing supersleek dos!

Hot Tip from Star Magazine

To create perfectly smooth , straight locks always comb or brush through each section of hair before flat ironing.  This will eliminate unwanted crinkles. And don’t forget generoulsy mist main with heat protectant prior to ironing.

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Shiva Introduces the Ultrasonic Hot Razor

The new Ultrasonic Hot Razor is the most significant advancement in razor cutting to date and is without a doubt a must have tool that will revolutionize razor cutting as we know it! The heated blade combined with ultrasonic vibration produce a clean and easy cut through wet or dry hair and a sealing of the cuticle that avoids split ends and frizziness.

Create amazing new looks with unbelievable texture. Effortless cutting gives you enhanced control and precision.

Your choice of 3 different cutting options:

  • Heated Vibrating Blade
  • Vibrate Only and Regular Cut.
  • The tool itself is lightweight and incredibly easy and fun
  • Comes with a DC adaptor
  • Ultra-thin cord.

Experience for yourself the revolutionary new tool that is shaking the foundations of the razor cutting world!

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About SHIVA: Nature’s Purest Ingredients- Shiva is dedicated to manufacturing environmentally conscious – premium quality hair care products that deliver superior performance.   Each and every bottle of Shiva hair care begins with our carefully selected organically grown botanical ingredients and is bottled in recyclable single layer packaging. Our commitment to Green earth friendly technologies, eco-friendly ingredients, love for animals (never animal tested) and passion for innovative hair care is what makes Shiva the leader in responsible hair care.

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