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Is Your Curly Hair out of Control with All This Heat? Shiva Flat Iron Gives Your Smooth Straight Hair


  • Titanium Plates create the smoothest surface with less friction & drag on hair strands while the hair is hot and fragile.
  • Floating Plates help to have uniform pressure and consistent result in straightening each hair section.
  • Maximum Temperature is 450°F or 230°C with LED digital adjustment. Temperature can be switched from °C to °F.
  • Maximum Temperature Variation from set temperature is under 2%.
  • Nano-Silver helps to kill virus, germ, while you are using on different clients, or while it is coming in contact with unsanitary surfaces.
  • Negative Ions break up water molecules to help penetrate deeper into hair follicles and help hair to be shinier and healthier instantly.
  • Ceramic Heater creates negative ions, and heats up very fast, and holds constant temperature much better than other materials.
  • Instant Heat Recovery, SHIVA Flat Iron is engineered such that from near the scalp all the way to the end of long & dense tresses, there is no drop in temperature.
  • Automatic Cut off Switch (Advanced Feature) by microprocessors to prevent overheating.
  • Non-use Rest State, when the flat irons are not used automatically shuts off; shut off time can be adjusted from 20 to 120 minutes.
  • Safety Plug very important feature for consumers and professional, any short in Shiva Flat Iron caused by water, or any conductive liquid will automatically trip the safety plug circuit breaker.
  • Ergonomically Designed to ease stress and strain on hand, wrist, fingers and tendons.
  • Suitable for any Hair from coarsest to finest, from chemically processed to virgin, from short to long hair. All you need is one flat iron.

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Super Food for Your Hair ~ Argan Oil

Features     Virgin / Cold Process

Organic Argan Oil From Argan Trees Growm in Southwest of Morroco Enriched with Botanical, Vitamins, and Antioxidants.

  • Moisturizes & softens
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Protects hair color
  • Reduces drying time & speeds up styling
  • Heals & nourshes damaged hair
  • Protects against sun rays & environmental pollutants
  • Protects against heat, cold humidity & dryness
  • 4oz $39.95  more info

A Short Menu of Profitable Direct Mail Formats

A Short Menu of Profitable Direct Mail Formats 

by Dean Rieck

One of the beauties of direct mail is that it allows you to send people just about anything you can print. Your creative options are virtually endless. And while the standard envelope package is usually considered the most effective, there are plenty of other formats you can test.

Often an alternate format will increase response. But even if your response ends up being lower, many formats let you deliver your message at a reduced cost while maintaining enough response to offset the difference and give you more net profit. Here are a few format ideas:

  • Reduce costs with a self-mailer. It offers low cost and a quick read, good for quickly recognized content. It also helps speed response because it’s not as in-depth as a full package and looks more urgent and newsy. To make a self-mailer work at peak efficiency, combine elements of a standard direct mail package and a print ad. Include a strong headline in bold type, copy in easy-to-read sections, strong visuals, clear offer, reply card, toll-free number, message or mini-letter printed near the recipient’s address, feature list, testimonials, guarantee, and other elements as needed.
  • Signal exclusivity with an invitation. To make an offer special, you can issue an invitation in the appropriate format, usually a smaller envelope and letter on high-quality paper. This works best for offers targeted to high-income prospects, professionals, and executive level positions; for events such as conferences, meetings, and presentations; or for offers that need a quality feel.
  • Add urgency with a telegram. This is a good idea that is, unfortunately, wildly overused. It can be little more than an envelope design, such as “Urgent Gram,” “Speed Gram,” or some variation. Or it might be an envelope and letter combo resembling an actual telegram printed on yellow paper with tractor-feed holes down the sides of the letter. One way to make this format work is to create your own urgent-looking envelope for fulfillment materials. This allows the envelope to get noticed and assures that the contents will be relevant and interesting instead of boilerplate.
  • Create an official look with a snap-pack. This format is often used for official notices or statements, so it gives your ad message the same feel. And because the recipient has to rip open the edge of the envelope and pull out the contents, it creates involvement. It’s good for generating inquiries or for organizations with recognizable and trusted names. It has been used with particular success in the nonprofit sector to deliver what appears to be an urgent, cheap appeal for funds.
  • Generate quick leads with a postcard. Direct sales are possible with postcards but only for simple offers, such as magazine subscriptions. They are much better for building traffic for local retail or for generating inquiries for familiar services, such as real estate or carpet cleaning. However, because response is so easy, lead quality is often low. But it’s worth testing. Just remember to telegraph your message with a clear benefit headline, strong and tangible offer, a picture of what you’re offering, lean copy, and a bold call to action.
  • Use dimensional mailings cautiously. Boxes, bags, tubes, folders, and other unusual formats are great for getting attention. But while there are plenty of examples of successful campaigns, these formats are usually misused, wasting money on a novel format when a standard format could deliver a more powerful message and net a greater response or profit. Most of the dimensional mailings I have seen are simply a way for ad agencies to jack up their fee and cover up the fact that they don’t have anything to say about a product or service.
  • When in doubt, use an envelope package. The classic direct mail package consists of an outer envelope (usually #10, 6”x9”, or 9”x12”), a letter, brochure, reply card or order form, maybe one or more inserts, and a reply envelope. The reason this format is a standard is that it has been developed, tested, and perfected over many years. And it works. Test other formats but don’t be different just to be different.
  • Test formats head-to-head. The important point in format testing is to keep the offer, copy, graphics, and all creative elements as similar as possible so that you are testing the format itself and not a new creative treatment. And always test a new format in a head-to-head mailing with the old format. Never make a change until you have proven results.

Copyright © 2003 Dean Rieck. All Rights Reserved.


Dean Rieck is a top-ranked freelance direct mail and direct marketing copywriter. He has been called “the best direct response strategist and copywriter” in America. Dean offers complete copywriting and design services for direct mail, B2B, print, sales lead generation, sales letters, e-mail and online marketing, and radio advertising. For more tips on improving your direct response advertising results, subscribe to Dean’s free direct marketing newsletter at

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Anyone and Everyone: salons, groomers, individuals can sign up to donate hair and fur clippins and nylons for our Oil Spill Booms. Our Excess Access program sign up is free, fast and helps us to coordinate the masses of donations.


Thousands of pounds of hair and nylons are coming in by UPS and FED EX from every State in the US and from Canada, Brazil, France, UK… Booms are being made all along the Gulf Coast near beaches and marshes. What a community feeling! We all get it. We shampoo because hair collects oil! More Info

Here we look at fibers (hair, wool, fur, feathers…). Thousands of salons mail us hair clippings, swept up off their floors, and the fibers are stuffed into booms or woven into hair mats. We all know about shampooing our oily hair, but it took Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama, to realize that hair was also an efficient and abundant material for collecting and containing petroleum spills.

For how you can get involved please visit Matter of Trust

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Shiva Laboratory Salon Exclusive Products Are Committed to Healthy Hair, Healthy Scalp, and Healthy Environment.

In the last few years, Shiva Laboratory and 21st Century Research Laboratory have taken the lead in revolutionizing and re-energizing professional hair care by creating Shiva, Clio, and Silkology product lines.

The Clio product lines (Clio and Clio Silky), address excessively curly hair with coarse texture. Silkology is for all hair textures, and Shiva products are for medium-to-fine textured hair.

These products are only available to individual salons. They are produced by harnessing new ingredients and new manufacturing technology exceeding the current health-conscious standards of the hair care industry.

Dr. Frank Tavakoli has undertaken a revolutionary approach by using ultra-purified water in all of the products. This approach alone helps Shiva, Clio, and Silkology products to be produced with fewer preservatives and other harmful additives.

Dr. Tavakoli uses a special cold manufacturing process, so the potency of vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals remain intact versus the traditional manufacturing approach of heating the products. This is a win-win approach for hairstylists and consumers – fewer preservatives, all-natural ingredients, much greater potency.

Dr. Tavakoli started in the beauty business by opening one salon and turning it into the largest collection of salons in Texas. During his years as a salon owner, he became greatly concerned about hairstylists and their long-term exposure to chemicals in their work.  Concerned that this exposure could leave hairstylists at greater risk of getting cancer or having other chronic health problems, he began creating hair care products using as many botanicals and natural ingredients and as few chemicals as possible.  His goal was to create products that are good for hairstylists, good for consumers, and good for the environment.

Shiva and 21st Century Laboratory are committed to a healthy hair and healthy scalp approach. Most professional and consumer product lines focus on improving the appearance of hair, regardless of the residue most shampoos and conditioners leave on the scalp.

“What coats your hair will coat your scalp,” according to Dr. Tavakoli. “If you have weak follicles, then that becomes an additional factor for hair loss. None of our shampoos and conditioners will ever coat the scalp.”

As someone said so succinctly, “What Apple, and Google are doing in computer world, Shiva and 21st Century Laboratory are doing in hair care world.”

Contact: Dr. Frank Tavakoli 713-532-1111

Shiva Therma-Shield Featured ~ Naturally Curly

Shiva Therma Shield Hair Serum featured on Naturally Curly

  • SHIVA’S Therma – Shield Hair Serum, effectively shields all hair types against the ravages of extreme heat caused by hot irons, curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and UV exposure which leads to hair damage and frizz. Infused with SHIVA’S High Thermal Shield Complex (HTSCI, this proprietary formula, safeguards your hair strands with a layer of protective gloss, which effectively shields the hair against styling stress, breakage, split ends and minimizes color fading WA’S. Therma – Shield Hair Serum, does not weigh hair down or cause buildup. It leaves your hair smooth and silky with vibrant shine.
    • Protects hair up to 480°F including UV exposure
    • Minimizes color fading
    • Protects against damage and frizz
  • $ 11.98  click here to order

    Use after shampooing and conditioning with your favorite Shiva products, towel-blot your hair. Use sparingly by dispensing a dime-size amount of serum into palms, rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair.
    Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness can also be used on dry hair to smooth, shine and protect style straight or curly

Shear Genius Season 3 Preview with ScissorBoy Premiers Feb 3rd!

Shear Genius on Bravo Check it out click here

Shiva Laboratory and Silkology is Proud to Sponsor Miss Teen Houston

Amanda Defoor of Houston, Texas took the teen pageant circuit by surprise. With literally no experience in pageantry, Miss Defoor dazzled the judges with her wit, humor and natural beauty and won the coveted Miss Teen Houston.
With this win under her sash.. she will be traveling to Orlando, FL for her next competition Wednesday Dec 10-13th. Miss Defoor will represent Houston in the The Nationals Cities of America Pageant

Shiva Laboratory and Silkology Hair Care is proud to sponsor Amanda Defoor and wishes her the best of luck.

Shiva Awaphui Shampoo~ Hawaiian Secret

SHIVA creates Awapuhi Shampoo or Hawaiian Ginger that Heals and Protects Hair
Create beautiful hair with botanical extracts and silk proteins

For hundreds of years, Awapuhi, or Hawaiian ginger, has been cherished by native Hawaiians for its natural healing and conditioning properties. SHIVA Awapuhi Shampoo unlocks this Hawaiian secret with a gentle cleansing shampoo that heals your hair and scalp making your hair more healthy, supple and luxurious.

Awapui shampoo is enriched with;
· Hawaiian Ginger
· Vitamin E
· Pro-vitamin B-5 (panthenol)
· Botanical extracts
· Silk proteins
· Sunscreens
· Antioxidants

Awapui Shampoo is great for all types hair types
· Normal to oily
· Dry/damaged
· Fine and naturally curly
· Chemically-treated and thinning hair

Awapui shampoo does not contain waxes, fillers salts or DEA

Suggested Retail Price:
12oz $19.95
32oz $59.95

Featured in Cosmetics and Toiletries

Silkology Laminatè Hyper Conditions and Restores Faded Hair Color

Silkology Laminatè Hyper Conditions and Restores Faded Hair Color
This a professional product to be applied by a professional stylist

Prevent freshly applied color from fading and restore shine and luster to dull colored faded hair. Silkology’s Laminatè revolutionary new after-color serum deeply infuses organic botanicals and antioxidants to protect and hyper-condition colored hair.

Laminatè intensely preserves moisture and locks color into each follicle providing longer lasting, more brilliant hair color for freshly colored hair,
Laminatè also brightens previously colored hair, reducing brassiness and reviving dull, faded coloring. Laminatè’s proprietary, all-natural formula extends the life of all types of colored hair.

Laminatè is also perfect following other chemical treatments—repairing any damage resulting from coloring, highlighting and relaxer applications—and will transform dry, frizzy, over-processed hair into silky smooth locks bursting with intense color.
Silkology Lamina’te 6oz. SRP $23.80

Directions: Laminatè can be used either after a color application or in between color services to brighten up hair color. First, shampoo with Silkology Silkit shampoo, then apply Laminatè and put them under a dryer for 15 minutes. Let hair cool down 5 minutes. Rinse out and follow with Silkology Silkit conditioner.

About Silkology: We dedicated to manufacturing environmentally conscious – premium quality hair care products that deliver superior performance. Each and every bottle of Silkology hair care begins with our carefully selected organically grown botanical ingredients and is bottled in recyclable single layer packaging. Our commitment to Green earth friendly technologies, eco-friendly ingredients, love for animals (never animal tested) and passion for innovative products is what makes Silkology the leader in responsible hair care.

Silkology is dedicated to serving the professional industry. Our products are tested and approved by salon professionals.

No Diversion
No Deception
No Mass Distribution