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Shiva Laboratory and Silkology is Proud to Sponsor Miss Teen Houston

Amanda Defoor of Houston, Texas took the teen pageant circuit by surprise. With literally no experience in pageantry, Miss Defoor dazzled the judges with her wit, humor and natural beauty and won the coveted Miss Teen Houston.
With this win under her sash.. she will be traveling to Orlando, FL for her next competition Wednesday Dec 10-13th. Miss Defoor will represent Houston in the The Nationals Cities of America Pageant

Shiva Laboratory and Silkology Hair Care is proud to sponsor Amanda Defoor and wishes her the best of luck.


Shiva Awaphui Shampoo~ Hawaiian Secret

SHIVA creates Awapuhi Shampoo or Hawaiian Ginger that Heals and Protects Hair
Create beautiful hair with botanical extracts and silk proteins

For hundreds of years, Awapuhi, or Hawaiian ginger, has been cherished by native Hawaiians for its natural healing and conditioning properties. SHIVA Awapuhi Shampoo unlocks this Hawaiian secret with a gentle cleansing shampoo that heals your hair and scalp making your hair more healthy, supple and luxurious.

Awapui shampoo is enriched with;
· Hawaiian Ginger
· Vitamin E
· Pro-vitamin B-5 (panthenol)
· Botanical extracts
· Silk proteins
· Sunscreens
· Antioxidants

Awapui Shampoo is great for all types hair types
· Normal to oily
· Dry/damaged
· Fine and naturally curly
· Chemically-treated and thinning hair

Awapui shampoo does not contain waxes, fillers salts or DEA

Suggested Retail Price:
12oz $19.95
32oz $59.95

Featured in Cosmetics and Toiletries

Silkology Laminatè Hyper Conditions and Restores Faded Hair Color

Silkology Laminatè Hyper Conditions and Restores Faded Hair Color
This a professional product to be applied by a professional stylist

Prevent freshly applied color from fading and restore shine and luster to dull colored faded hair. Silkology’s Laminatè revolutionary new after-color serum deeply infuses organic botanicals and antioxidants to protect and hyper-condition colored hair.

Laminatè intensely preserves moisture and locks color into each follicle providing longer lasting, more brilliant hair color for freshly colored hair,
Laminatè also brightens previously colored hair, reducing brassiness and reviving dull, faded coloring. Laminatè’s proprietary, all-natural formula extends the life of all types of colored hair.

Laminatè is also perfect following other chemical treatments—repairing any damage resulting from coloring, highlighting and relaxer applications—and will transform dry, frizzy, over-processed hair into silky smooth locks bursting with intense color.
Silkology Lamina’te 6oz. SRP $23.80

Directions: Laminatè can be used either after a color application or in between color services to brighten up hair color. First, shampoo with Silkology Silkit shampoo, then apply Laminatè and put them under a dryer for 15 minutes. Let hair cool down 5 minutes. Rinse out and follow with Silkology Silkit conditioner.

About Silkology: We dedicated to manufacturing environmentally conscious – premium quality hair care products that deliver superior performance. Each and every bottle of Silkology hair care begins with our carefully selected organically grown botanical ingredients and is bottled in recyclable single layer packaging. Our commitment to Green earth friendly technologies, eco-friendly ingredients, love for animals (never animal tested) and passion for innovative products is what makes Silkology the leader in responsible hair care.

Silkology is dedicated to serving the professional industry. Our products are tested and approved by salon professionals.

No Diversion
No Deception
No Mass Distribution

There is a Thief in Your Salon

You’ve worked hard to build your business. All of your time, energy and resources carefully invested to create a comfortable atmosphere with professional stylists, intuitive product education, strong vendor relationships, well stocked retail areas and excellent customer service.

Your clients love your styling skills, your ambiance, respect your opinion, appreciate your knowledge and openly accept your product recommendations. In fact, many of your clients often buy the products you recommend ….at least once.

Tracking your clients recurring purchases is a complicated undertaking and most salons simply don’t have the means to easily quantify this information. If they did, salon owners and stylists would be quite alarmed at the lack of repeat client purchases and the real truth behind the underlying cause.

Pay attention, there is a thief in your salon stealing your hard earned dollars, and its name is diversion. In simple terms, diversion occurs when a manufacturer positions themselves as a salon friendly product, but behind the scenes diverts or sells products to anyone willing to pay the price.

If your client can buy the same products you sell at a discount store for a lower price, why would they ever buy from you again? The answer is they won’t! If you want to put more money in your pocket and ensure that your customers remain your customers, stop supporting products that are sold beyond the salon.

21st Century Labs
products are 100% diversion free. That means every product we manufacture is produced exclusively for the professional salon. You won’t find our products at a lower price on the shelves of Ulta, Walmart, Target, or Sally’s. We work for you, and your success, that is why we only sell to professional salons; period.

If you’d like to make more money and keep your customers repeat retail business we would love to show you how easy it is with our salon professional products. Give us 5 minutes of your time and we will show you how we can improve your bottom line.

Welcome to the 4th dimension of style

Welcome to the 4th dimension of style. Using the latest non-aerosol technology, SHIVA TexturizeIt light hold mousse adds unprecedented depth, texture and natural shine without weighing hair down. SHIVA TexturizeIt is recommended for all hair types.