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Shiva Hair Care Featured in Star Magazine

Star BEAUTY Fab Flat irons Here are some tools for landing supersleek dos!

Hot Tip from Star Magazine

To create perfectly smooth , straight locks always comb or brush through each section of hair before flat ironing.  This will eliminate unwanted crinkles. And don’t forget generoulsy mist main with heat protectant prior to ironing.

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Flat Out Straight Hair with Shiva Flat Iron Pro

Shiva’s Nano-Silver – Titanium – Ionic Far-Infared – Flat Iron Pro…Whew!
PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 28, 2010 – Shiva’s latest flat iron phenom has a big moniker, but don’t let the lengthy title scare you… it is easy to use and undeniably the world’s most advanced hair straightening system yet. This sleek and supercharged wonder is packed to the brim with all the latest bells and whistles. Shiva’s flat iron pro is built like a tank but utilizes super-strong lightweight materials like titanium and ceramic to deliver the goods for years of service.

Silver Nano technology is the latest innovation in hair sanitation. Silver Nano ions kill over 650 varieties of bacteria and Shiva’s state of the art flat iron is on the cutting edge of silver nano tehnology building a flat iron that is super clean and styling mean.

Looking for a tool that can stand the daily grind of pro styling on all types of hair? Shiva’s rig is built smart, built tuff and a must have addition for pro stylists or demanding hair aficionados. Flat Iron Pro gets the most complicated straightening job done in mere seconds. Instant heat with a mind numbing 450◦ turbo temp for unparelled flattening. Fast, hot and precise, this iron gets the job done in record time and makes every styling look stunning.

Why settle for less when you can be at the top of your hair game with Shiva’s Flat iron pro. It’s a great professional investment and Shiva makes it easy to get your hands on one.

Shiva builds their tools pro-tuff and are so sure your gonna love them that they have a full satisfaction guarantee. If you’re in the market for a new hair straightening tool, the Shiva Flat Iron Pro is a winner!

Check out the long list of this pro tools bene’s.

– One pass hair straightening flat iron
– Heats up to 450 degrees (232C) in seconds
– Automatic Sensor Control System
– Nano Silver Technology in plates and handle to sterilize bacteria
– Ceramic technology eliminates damage hot spots
– Titanium scratch resistant plates
– Emits negative ions
– Far-infared heat
– Floating titanium plates
– Digital LED temperature control
– Automatic shut off switch
– Instant heat recovery safety plug

If you’re looking for a heavy duty, professional, lightweight styling tool that flattens hair in a flash, Shiva’s Flat Iron Pro with Quicksilver nano technology is a must have styling tool.

For more information on Shiva pro-hair care products check them out at 800.622.1330

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Great things take time. 25 years in the making, Shiva Laboratory marks a definitive moment for hair care. With the advent of recent scientific micro technology breakthroughs and unique proprietary small batch blending processes, Shiva is able to transcend traditional concepts of hair management.

Say goodbye to traditional hair care and say hello to the science of Shiva-hair care transcended.